All items are for sale excluding the NASA space shuttleSome Minifigures missing and parts missing please message me what you need to know and I’ll check. All instructions are included and all UCS sets have their original boxes as well as some other sets.

Death star sold (sold)

At te $200

Dropship with ATOT (sold)

UCS falcon $1000

Republic frigate $400

BB8 $150

Grogu $70R2D2 $300

Porg $150

Republic gunship $300

Anakins star fighter

Jubbas sail barge $600

Jubbas palace $500

Rancor pit $400

Desert skiff $150

UCS snowspeeder $500

Mos epsa cantina $200

Clone turbo tank $400

U wing $250

ATM6 $200

Motorized ATAT $500

ATST $150Tie fighter $150

Naboo starfighter $250

Clone fighter tank $250

Star destroyer $500

Tantive IV $400

Kylo Ren shuttle $200

Rouge shadow $200UCS Ywing $400

Kylo Ren starfighter $200

Xwing $150Poe’s xwing $150

Imperial shuttle $70

Kenics shuttle $200

Ewok village $700

Will sell the entire collection for $9,000There are many unbuilt star wars sets in the tubs.

All up estimated value is over 13,000

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