Pricing is as follows; Concert $99, Tenor $109, Baritone $119, Bass $119. I try to keep them all here which isnt always possible. There is no Soprano option in this series, but I stock that in the Tiki Brown Paisley with its own pricing.If you own a uke without a case, or your case has seen better days, then here’s how you arrive at your next gig in style!

NOTE: Hardcases are a very important part of controlling the climate that your uke is stored in. I undertake many repairs on guitars and ukes that have suffered damage thanks to the climate here in Qld with extreme humidity and periods of dryness. I’d store my instruments in a case no matter where I lived.

The Martinez Ukulele Hardcases have it all;Featuring heavy duty plywood construction, Deluxe Vintage Ivory exterior covering, Burgundy plush padded interior, Reinforced carry handle, accessories compartment, metal feet on base and back, as well as brushed antique latches (central latch is lockable) includes Key.

I don’t haggle on price…Ever!!! I don’t respond to offers (and delete trolls).

Theres other options such as the Tiki range of Brown Paisley or Black Croc Cases too.Tiki Aust are a Melbourne based Company who make great ukuleles of which I’m a proud distributor.I also sell the range of Martinez Deluxe Ivory Guitar Hardcases, Crossfire Guitar Hardcases, SKB Hardcases, XHL sealed Guitar Hardcases, and more as seen on my website.

I operate by set appointment for each customer so that I can give you my full attention, without interruption, so we can match you with the right instrument.

We are a small family business.You won’t be dealing with a frustrated rockstar whose focus is on going home, you’ll be dealing with me, and I do this out of passion!

I have years of experience in many areas of the music industry and work in a semi-retired capacity from my Studio/Workshop at my property in beautiful Mapleton.

I am available by set appointment Mon to Fri 8am to 1pm.

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External links are now blocked here, but you canfollow me on social media at lorenzoguitarssee more at lorenzo guitars dotcomNOTE: Any Pic showing instrument in case is for illustration purposes only, but you most certainly know that already.