20 Watt Hybrid tube amp heads. Can go super loud for what they are! They are also Bluetooth compatible as a speaker. Culling the collection to make room for some new toys!

$150 Each (original box PS included) (rrp $229.90)

$170 Each with carry case (pictured) (rrp $25.99)

$270 with 8inch joyo mini cab (pictured) (rrp $399)

Each have a different ‘vibe’ Firebrand (Orange) and Zombie (Grey-Mesa Boogie) are high gain heads. Jackman (red) is a classic Marshall jcm feel. The Meteor (cream) is based on an ‘Orange’ British sound and the Atomic (green) a vox ac30.

Check out their website for more info on these underrated amps heads!

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