Tech 21 Flyrig 5.


Up for sale is my Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 – Plexi.

This is the ultimate small format grab and go pedal. It has the SansAmp – Think fender base sound, good quality reverb, tap

tempo delay, Plexi overdrive and pre boost to either push the fender pre-amp section or thicken the Plexi overdrive for solos.

Heaps of online reviews for this flyrig. Check some out to get an idea of how good this actually is.

I ran it through the return of the rehearsal studio amp so it went straight into the power amp. This way I had my sound with the fender pre-amp (SansAmp) and my overdrive and solo sounds. Best of all, I just took my guitar and put this in the gig bag. Loved not lugging gear in and out. I’ve also used it straight into the desk and mixed it with vocals.

Comes with original packaging and all goodies (sticker, instructions etc). The power supplied is 12V.I used my pedalboard power supply as it had a 12V output but I have included a power supply but is a USA input, so I’ll also include a AUS plug adapter in the sale.

Check out my other gear up for sale as I’m doing a massive gear clear out.

Happy to post at the buyers expense.

Thanks for looking

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