Wake up to delicious coffee every morning with the Hauffmann Davis 1.5L Espresso Machine. Featuring a milk frother, 15 bar Italian ULKA pump, and a large detachable water tank, this automatic espresso machine is a coffee connoisseur’s must-have.

Your very own barista

Whether you want a single espresso or a fancy macchiato, this coffee machine makes it easy to brew delicious coffee right in your very own kitchen. It comes with two filter baskets and a coffee spoon/tamper for evenly extracted shots -plus it’s equipped with a 15-bar Italian ULKA pump for cafe-quality results every single time.

Built-in milk frother

Why stop at an espresso or americano? This coffee machine includes a milk frother with adjustable steam perfect for making lattes and cappuccinos. No more falling in line and spending way too much money at the neighborhood coffee shop!

Easy to use and long-lasting

With stainless steel front panels, die-cast portafilter, and intuitive controls, the Hauffmann Davis Espresso Machine promises a delicious brewing experience for years. It also has overheated and over-pressure protection to ensure that your unit keeps running smoothly even with continual use.