We are 3 guys aged mid-40’s to early 50’s who love to jam and looking to play the odd gig. We are all self-taught musicians who are good at what we do, but would benefit from having someone with a bit of talent take things to the next level. We’ve only had one gig that was very well received, which resulted in offers to do more but up until now we’ve all had a bit much going on in life to take up those offers. Now we would like to keep jamming a couple of times a month, expand our song base and do the odd gig.

We all live in the hills (Kalamunda and Roleystone) and would be looking for someone hopefully from the same area. Our song selection is pretty varied, but mostly centres around our teen years in the grunge era. But we try to play the songs most cover bands don’t! Here’s a few examples of that, plus a few we add in for fun:

Alice in Chains – Would and Heaven Beside You.

Nirvana – Lounge Act, Been a Son, On a Plain, About a Girl.

Queens of the Stone Age – Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, Love is Like a Drug, In My Head, Long Slow Goodbye.

Weezer – Hash Pipe

You Am I – Berlin Chair

Split Enz – One Step Ahead

Marlon Williams – Dark Child

James – Laid

Dandy Warhols – Get Off

Pixies – Magdalena 318

Screaming Trees – Nearly Lost You

There’s quite a few more. I’m singing and playing guitar, but I’m no lead guitarist! I manage a couple of leads breaks but we would be a much better band with a real guitarist. It would allow me to sing better and fill out the sound on second guitar when needed. The other guys cover harmonies but it never hurts to have another voice in the mix.

What we are looking for:Competent lead guitarist who enjoys the same music. Learns quickly and has a good grasp of effects and tone. Laid back and enjoys a good jam, happy to do the odd gig here and there. We would prefer someone with their own gear but we can help out if needed.

We jam in Kalamunda, usually once or twice a fortnight as our drummer does one week on one off up North. Our bass player owns a bar, happy to catch up over a good beer first to see if we are on the same page. Let me know if you’re interested and I look forward to the first jam with a real guitarist!


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