Hey guys!

We have three cool little children!

James is 5, Chase is 19 months and Ellie is 7 months 🙂

We have James week on, week off and he is very easy going and self sufficient l.

Chase and Ellie are both wonderful. They aren’t over crazy energetic children. Chase sleep sir 6 hours a day (I know! It’s wild) and Ellie just loves love.

We are after a baby sitter for a few days a week, a few hours each day. Possibly three days a week up to four hours a day so it’s nothing crazy. Due to the work my wife does, notice for your services may be a little short so we feel this roll may be best fitted for someone who isn’t currently working, and is local and for someone who is flexible.

Age and gender are not a concern by any means 🙂

Located Jimboomba