Hi, Iā€™m selling 1x Brand New, un-opened, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console.

Comes with digital & hard copies of the original JB Hifi tax invoice for warranty.

Note: I would have also advertised as been un-opened, but due to picking it up from JB Hifi with the box showing some damage on the corner of it (please see pics), I had to open it to make sure the contents inside were ok, which they appear perfect (also pictured). They also checked it in store & said to let them know if any problems. Seems purely cosmetic though, thankfully. šŸ˜…

This is the latest PS5 revision from Sony, with Australia being the first country to receive these models around mid-September 2022 – model number: CFI-1202B.

What does this mean? Quite a lot actually. Not only is it 200gm lighter than 2021 revision & 500gm lighter than launch model, but most importantly, as confirmed by Digital Foundry & Austin Evans on YouTube, this model has received a chip upgrade, moving from a 7nm to 6nm node. This means, it can run slightly cooler and due to improved internal venting, also spreads the heat out over a wider area. It also means that power draw from the wall has also reduced by approximately 10%, meaning lower power bills, but with the same performance. So, who ever you buy your PS5 from, make sure it says model CFI-1202B (digital) or CFI-1202A (disc) on the packaging and/or console itself, when picking up.

Pick up today from St Lucia, Brisbane.

Can freight for an additional fee.

Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Grant šŸ™‚

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