Features and Benefits


  • Semi synthetic formulation.
  • Superior wear protection at start up.
  • Improved deposit control for a cleaner engine.
  • Improved fuel economy with reduced emissions.
  • Energy & Resource Conserving formulation.
  • Designed for vehicles using unleaded and E10 based fuels.
  • Minimises engine wear at start-up, keeps engine parts cleaner and provides maximum protection at all operating temperatures.




  • SAE 5W-30
  • API SP
  • API SN Plus/RC
  • API SN
  • API SM
  • API SL
  • ILSAC GF-5
  • ILSAC GF-4
  • GM 6094M
  • FORD WSS-M2C-946-A
  • FORD WSS-M2C-929-A

Engine Armour 5W-30 is a low viscosity engine oil formulated with synthetic technology to meet the demands of modern fuel efficient engines. Its semi synthetic formulation meets the stringent fuel economy requirements of ILSAC GF-5.

Designed for use in petrol vehicles, Engine Armour 5W-30 is suitable for use in a wide range of manufacturers engines including: Holden, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota.

NOTE: This product is not recommended for use in diesel engines.