SKU: 21542The Roger Mayer Voodoo Bass Pedal is a powerful and versatile pedal designed specifically for bass guitarists. Crafted with precision and expertise, the Voodoo Bass Pedal offers a wide range of tonal possibilities to enhance and shape your bass sound.

The Voodoo Bass Pedal is built on the foundation of Roger Mayer’s extensive experience in crafting innovative effects for legendary musicians. It features a carefully crafted circuitry that captures the essence of vintage analog tones while incorporating modern enhancements.

With its intuitive controls, the Voodoo Bass Pedal allows you to sculpt your bass sound with precision. The Gain control enables you to dial in the desired level of distortion and saturation, from subtle crunch to full-on overdrive. The Tone control lets you shape the overall EQ, from deep and warm to bright and cutting. Additionally, the Output control adjusts the overall volume, ensuring that your signal remains balanced and powerful.

One of the standout features of the Voodoo Bass Pedal is its ability to preserve the low-end frequencies and dynamics of your bass guitar. It maintains the integrity of your instrument’s fundamental tones while adding rich harmonics and texture.

Built with top-quality components, the Voodoo Bass Pedal offers exceptional reliability and durability. Its rugged enclosure is designed to withstand the rigors of live performances and studio sessions, making it a dependable companion for bass players.

Whether you’re looking to add some grit and character to your tone, or to explore new sonic territories, the Roger Mayer Voodoo Bass Pedal provides a wide range of tonal possibilities. Elevate your bass playing, unleash your creativity, and experience the legendary sound shaping capabilities of the Voodoo Bass Pedal.

This unit has been fully tested and is fully working order.

The unit is in fantastic condition with relatively few scratches.

The unit does not come with a power supply or any other accessories.


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