I have a fewPro Mod PS5 Dualsense controllers for sale with the following specs

4x fully programmable rear buttons

2x Mouse switch hair triggers (roughly 1mm of travel)

Military grip (as scuf call it)

Rumbles removed to bring the weight down.

All controllers were modded from brand new, only played with for testing and tuning.

If you’re interested I can send a video of all of the inputs working (including satisfying mouse click noises)

Please note that the hair triggers are 0% input or 100% input. So they’re great for fps games but not so much racing, ect.

I currently have enough parts to make another 3 full spec controllers, if you’re looking for something cheaper I can do non programmable, no grip on rear shell, fewer inputs, ect. I’m happy to work with you so shoot me a message!

I’m trying to keep parts flowing in, but there may be some down times with shipping delays at the moment. If you’re after something I don’t have I can likely get it on order.

Happy gaming

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