PLEASE READ ADD IN FULL!SINGLETON PUP (ONLY PUP BORN)I AM PROUDLY ONE OF AUSTRALIA’S VERY RARE TOY BREEDERS THAT RAW FEED EXCLUSIVELY!That’s right. Very few of these breeders RAW feed. And why is that? Lack of education. Lack of interest in longevity of their breed and pet and genuinely a lack of concern and of course cost, most breeders are a business it is money in vs money out and a bag of kibble from aldi is easier lets be honest.. The first sign of a committed, educated breeder aside from genetics is NUTRITION! KIBBLE AND DRY FOOD WILL NOT DO!HEALTH ISSUES:Did you know that pomeranians suffer from a myriad of health issues? Dental issues impacted canines from BREEDING TOO SMALL. Because these fad breeders are breeding *TEACUP* pomeranians they are making the structure of the dog smaller. This means the cranial space and the dental space cannot fit both the brain and the teeth without either the teeth impacting (requiring removal eventually) OR fluid or swelling of the brain which is often fatal. These breeders brag about their 500 gram puppies and fail to inform you of the health and longevity of these over bred TINY monstrosities. Many of these dogs will come home with you then several months later issues will arrise.The pomeranian breed standard continues to fall as the pure breed community allows it. The pure bred dog community only cares about points and politics it does not care about the longevity of a breed. This is why the purebred community has made the British bulldog what it is today, the bull terrier. They did not originate that way nor do working dogs of the same breed look this way. The pure bred dog community has only one thing in mind. Exaggerated features. They want everything exaggerated. This is why pure bred dogs are so deformed!DO NOT GET SWEPT IN THE FAD OF TINY DOGSThe breed is already classed as a toy breed it does not need to get smaller or biology will interfere and eventually ruin the biology of the breed just like what happened to the british bulldog, the boxer, the bull terrier, the pomeranian, the basset hound the list just goes on.SMALL does not equal quality or pedigree.WHY RAW?FEEDING RAW prevents removal of teeth from bad dental hygiene, it helps keep teeth clean and stops the need for cleaning a dog’s teeth or vet visits. It is essential toy breeds eat raw meaty bones. It is absolutely animal abuse and neglect to allow your dogs teeth to rott out of their head needing removal.Raw feeding prevents issues with anal glands and impaction and also hardens the stools. It gives much needed enrichment and stimulation and exercise and imitates the dogs most natural diet and behaviour.Breeding was done via TCI and males sperm was tested at 94.9% viable and healthy sperm.The vet mentioned he has never seen a toy breed sit higher then 80%. This is attributed to the raw feeding. It is visible even in my studs sample