New Stylish 6.6m Snookball Table & Accessories

Indoor & Outdoor – 2 x Set 16 Balls – New – Stylish – Durable

New Stylish Snookball Table & Accessories

Sport: Indoor & Outdoor Snookball

Size: 6.6 x 3.6 x 0.45m

Weight: 850kgs

Snookball table for kids and adults is the latest new game. Football/Snookball can be played by any age and is great fun.

Snookball is played to the same rules as pool. But you use your feet as the cue. The 16 balls are footballs which must be hit with the white ball into the pockets.

Snookball can be played 1 vs 1 or in doubles.

Snookball can be set up Indoors & outdoors on any surface.

Colour: Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Black, Orange, Customise

Ball Quantity: 32 – 16 per Set x 2

Ball Standard: #3,#4 , #5, Soccer Balls

Frame Material: High Quality Wood & Steel Lined

Pocket Material: Wood

Cushion Material: Turf

Leg Material: Steel

Installing Time: 1.5 to 2 hrs

Feature: Customise

Place of Origin: China

Warranty: 2 Years

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