I built this pedal as a practice and prototyping exercise in preparation for hopefully soon releasing my own pedal designs.

The circuit is based upon the Friedman BE-OD pedal but with the regular “tight” switch control replaced with an adjustable potentiometer so you can dial in the exact amount of bass cut desired. Go from phat and flubby to tight and chuggy. Powerful treble, middle, bass and presence controls as well allow you to shape your sound just how you like it. Gain control takes you from classic Marshall Plexi through to hot-rodded JCM 800/900 territory and beyond. Plus enough volume boost from the level control to “goose” a valve amp into even further drive.

I personally keep a pedal identical to this but in a smaller form factor on my board at pretty much all times for all my high-gain classic rock needs. Works great in front of an amp or even as a preamp into a dedicated power amp or the effects loop return on an amplifier. After huge, classic high gain tone with bite and fire? I can guarantee this beauty will do the trick

As with all the custom pedals I build, I’m offering a guarantee on all parts and workmanship. I use only the highest quality components that I then hand test and select myself to further assure quality and consistency (ultra low leakage capacitors and lowest possible tolerance for specified values etc.). I stand 100% behind all my work so you can be sure you’re getting a pedal that’s built to last forever

Get yourself a “boutique” pedal build for less than half of what the “real thing” might cost you