Excelent, Im seeling most of my gear in case wondering below retail prices

includes all cabling. Ideally buyer to pick up, not sure if can be posted

buyer to arrange safe transport, or unssamble and send it in cases

Gator 8U hard case with wheels (AUD3500 all in)

– Gator Case 8U includes front and back cover

– AUD400- 1U Furman PL-PLUS C E conditioner

– AUD 700- 1U KORG PItchblack stage tuner

– AUD150- 1U LINE 6 wireless guitar system G90 (including 1 transmitter)

– AUD800- 2U AXE FX 2 guitar unit

– AUD2000- 2U MATRIX GT1000FX guitar preamp

– AUD1500- Meloaudio MIdi Foot Controller for axe fx

– AUD150- Hum Isolator Between Amp and Cabinet

– AUD200- All Cabled and ready to play