My name is Katie and I am an accredited Hahnemann Healer with Sphinx Spiritual, a highly ethical organisation based on the Mornington Peninsula.

​I am also a Masters of Primary Teaching student at Monash University as little children have a special place in my heart.

​My passion for healing came during my own own life changing healing journey. Helped by Sphinx Spiritual counselling and healing modalities I have worked to face and overcome deep issues which have held me back in my life. I am still a work in progress.

It is with pride that I am able to help adults and children cope with the emotional difficulties in their lives.

Hahnemann Healing is a powerful method of dealing with emotions, which often lie behind illness. These emotions occur as a result of negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in a person’s life. This includes the emotions that may preclude people from getting better after a medical procedure.

Hahnemann Healing is deep, gentle and uplifting and it forms a significant part of a process to change. It can help a person move forward with their life feeling more free to be themselves.

​Some conditions Hahnemann Healing can help with:

​​- Grief as a result of a death, or the loss of a job or relationship

– Overwhelm from work, school, study or parenting

– Sadness from disappointment or prolonged hurt

– Fear of the unknown or fear of change

– Confusion of the mind

– Guilt

– Anger

– Feeling stuck in life and unable to move forward​

Bookings are available on Saturdays at Wildsoul Wellness in Mordialloc. Session price: $90.00 for one hour