All tube/valve, 2 Chanel 2×12 amplifier. Can be loud as you need for any gig at 30 real tube watts or adjust down to be room quiet at 1watt. Has a clean and overdrive Chanel and silent recording mode. Inbuilt reverb. Comes with removable wheels for easy moving and a soft padded cover. Has a versatility of tones not many tube amps can match.A great way to get your hands on the valve tone with modern conveniant features. scratches are very superficial just to the tolex coating.


*Tube Mix control where you can dial in any combination of EL84 (british)and 6V6 (american)power tube tones.*Silent recording mode. Record your guitar parts any time with speaker-emulated line output.*Individual reverb for both channels*1watt-30watt dial to get home or gig tones or any level between*2 different celestion speakers as standard that give you two different speaker flavours to mic up in the one amp that blend perfectly in the room. See pic