Dorper x DamaraFor sale. Different ages and colors and gender available. All been wormed, ringed, tagged and vaccinated. Our crosses are 3/4 Damara and 1/4 Dorper for a perfect meat /fat ratio. All our breeding ewes are high quality pure bred Damaras which we cross with our half Dorper Damara cross ram.

Nova Hollandia Farm

Pic nr SA549167

Clare SA

We currently have for sale :ewes of 10-12 month old in lamb available ( some almost ready to drop)Some 6 month old lambs ready to go. Ewes and wethers.

Mostly brown with white

or black and white spotted.

Very happy healthy cute sheep. Great grazers and great to eat. Breed very well. 2 lambings a year. Often twins. They lamb easily and need hardly any care at all. No shearing, mulesing , crutching , tailing or spraying needed since they are wool losing sheep and most of them have hair instead. So they don’t ruin fences like some dorpers do.They look a lot like goats but are quiet and don’t break out. Hardly need any feed and are good grazers. They are really tough and don’t need shelter and do well in heat. We’ve never lost any. Very easy to keep and cute to look at. Ready for slaughter at 10 months age and a lot less unusable fat than on purebred Dorpers. Very Quick growers. Different prices for different ages. We’ll need to get rid of some because they are breeding so quickly and we are getting overstocked and they are dropping lambs again.

Ewe $200Ewe in lamb $2306

month old lambs $10012

month old Wethers $180

Pick up dates:

Pick up will be on25

November ‘23 or6

January ‘2414 March’24

for smaller numbers.

For big nrs we might be able to arrange a separate pick up date.