This true vintage Tele looks great, sounds as a vintage Deluxe should, due to its original wide range humbuckers. It plays beautifully with a fast, low action and solid maple neck. It was bought from a reputable collector in 2012 and I believe is totally in its original Fender USA factory condition.

The Serial No. S 7 05800 confirms the instrument was factory finished in 1977. The “S” indicates production in the 70’s, while the number 7 indicates which year. With reference to the attached picture of the base of the neck, it should be noted that the neck had been actually made in 1973, well ahead of final assembly.

The guitar is truly in excellent condition and does not appear to have been played extensively. It has 3 minor nicks in the finish and a small scratch on the side of the neck near the 2nd fret. These tiny blemishes are shown in the last 3 attached pics. Apart from these it has some pick marks on the pick-guard and very small surface scratches on the body. However none of these detract from the beautiful looks of this guitar.

It comes in its original plush lined hard case and includes the Manual, unused Fender cloth, and the full set of Allen wrenches for Truss rod, micro-neck and string bridge height. I will also include a replacement set of new Elixir nanoweb coated strings (light gauge) although the strings on her still have plenty of life left.

Having only Fender Strats, I had always wanted a Tele Deluxe. Unfortunately because of my full time engineering profession, I only got to play it at home a couple of times. Although I am now retired, I am 76 and don’t play anymore. So regrettably I am parting with it.

I have offered either local pick-up, or arranging to safely pack and ship the guitar at Buyer’s expense for shipping. Due the packed guitar exceeding Aust Post’s length limitation, it would have to go by one of the courier services. As an indication, DHL would deliver to the eastern states for an estimated $350. However the shipping issue can be discussed with Buyer.

Local pick-up is available. The safe packing of the instrument is by Seller. Shipping will be Buyer’s cost.