Amp building is an excellent way for a guitarist to get in touch with the technology of valve amps. It deepens your understanding of tone and the inner workings of your amplifier. Plus, nothing can compare to playing through an amplifier that you have built yourself!

The Lamington Amp Kit includes all the parts necessary to build your own Lamington 18W valve guitar amp. Just supply some basic tools and you are on your way. The kit comes with the very comprehensive Lamington Construction Manual which provides step by step guidance as you build your amp. Some great suggestions are also included with the kit to mod your amp to provide for more tone options.

The Lamington valve guitar amplifier is the first design in the Valve Heaven amp kit family, with 18W of power and a versatile preamplifier. The Lamington is reminiscent of vintage British amps, with its EL84s delivering a range of tones from warm, chimey cleans to overdriven crunch and fat lead tones, perfect for intimate gigs.

Reviews: for reviews please see the Valve Heaven website, on the Lamington Testimonials page

Order: The Lamington Amp Kit can be purchased for $349 plus $20 post on the Valve Heaven website

More information: see our website for information on Valve Heaven’s range of DIY Amp Kits (2W, 10W and 18W designs), DIY Amp Manuals, free DIY Valve Guitar Amp designs and Valve Heaven Amp School.