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At GeekTech Labs, we are dedicated to preserving resources and providing environmentally friendly end-of-life solutions for outdated computers and other office equipment. Our service is available to individuals, businesses, and government agencies in the Canberra area and beyond, helping them dispose of unused and unwanted computers and peripherals in a safe and sustainable manner.

As a total service company, we offer end of life and end of use solutions for computer, office, and telecom equipment through innovative refurbishment, remarketing, and recycling. When you bring your equipment to us, we first test and refurbish any reusable computers and sell them or donate them to charity. Any remaining equipment is disassembled into its component parts (such as plastic, precious metals, batteries, circuit boards, and wiring) and sent to various locations around Australia and the world for recovery and recycling.

We are committed to complying with all relevant state and federal laws on hazardous waste disposal and have a 100% no landfill policy. In addition to our component recovery and recycling services, we also offer data sanitization on request and strive to provide goodwill to our clients by ensuring that their equipment is not sent to a landfill.By recycling your old computer or laptop with GeekLabs, you’re helping to reduce e-waste and preserve resources. You’ll also be doing your part to protect the environment, as we have a 100% no landfill policy and comply with all relevant state and federal laws on hazardous waste disposal.