The seal point half ragdol loves cuddles but on her own terms.

Shes absolutely gorgeous and loves attention. She likes other cats and I’m sure she’d be able to get used to dogs. She’s never hurt us even when playing shes very careful.

I’m very attached to them both so its a struggle to sell.

Microchipping, Vaccinating and desexing is extremely expensive these days so my price may be asking a lot but these 2 are worth it!!

  • Date Listed:6 hours ago
  • Last Edited:6 hours ago
  • Breeder Licence no. (Req’d for ACT Breeders):9003343
  • The state where this ad will be found:VIC
  • Exchange Source no. (Req’d for VIC):EE135153
  • Documentation:Microchip, Vaccination, Vethistory, Desexed
  • Pet’s Date of Birth:10/10/2022
  • Pet Offered By:Breeder
  • Microchip no. (Req’d NSW, QLD, SA, ACT, VIC):953010100097440
  • Pet Age:Younger Than Six Months
  • Rehome From:05/12/2022