Bally Midway 1993 TwilightZone Pinball Machine.

This has been in my personal possession since 2011 and is my first ever pinball machine. It was also in another private collection for 5 years when I bought it (so at least 17 years in a private collection that I’m aware of) and it was serviced by Rod Brooks at Pinball People back in those days. I personally use Steve Hyde from A Blast From the Past Amusements as he’s fantastic and Ken to do any board work.

Cabinet was repaired painted and new decals applied, also lockdown bar, side rails, back box hinges, legs and coin door have all been powder coated and all bolts painted.

It has heaps of mods and my personal favourites are the PDI Glass, Third Magnet Kit (Prototype) and Great Lake hidden micro switches on the mini playfield as this really improves and enhances game play.

Other mods are:


Coloured Pop Bumpers with LED Discs

Reinforced Magna Flip Mini Playfield Sign



Spiral Sign

Gumball Colour Changing LEDs

Robbie the Robot

Plasma Disc




Great Lakes Door Flasher Kit

Red Clock Surround

Upgraded Clock Board

Alternate Clock Face Decal


Slot, Piano and Skill Shot Scoops are lit with LEDs

Reinforced Slot Machine Scoop

Door Colour Changing LED Kit

Colour Changing Shooter Rod

Playfield Protector

Full Cliffy Set

Target Decals

Apron Card Flashers

Numerous Apron Cards

Colour Coded Plastic Posts

Anodised Colour Coded Nyloc Nuts

Fully LED’d including Flashers

Colour Coded Titan Rubbers

Plastic Protectors

LED Flipper Buttons

NVRAM so no batteries5V Drop Flipper Reset Board5V/12V adapter board

Under Cabinet Flasher Kit

Mirror Blades

Felt Leg / Cabinet Protectors

Leg/Bolt Blue Nylon Washers and I’m sure I’ve missed plenty more.

The Playfield, Cabinet, Translite and Speaker Panel are in excellent condition. DMD is original and works fine, plus all Ribbon Cables have been replaced in the backbox.

Unfortunately it’s not been played much in the last few years so hence why I’m ready to finally let go of it.

Get in contact with me for more information as there is way to much to list and answer here.

The one thing I will say about it is that the trough proximity switch plays up from time to time and I’ve upgraded it from standard, it just needs adjusting every now and then, I will have this attended to before a final sale and have it serviced by Steve Hyde from A Blast From The Past Amusements.

There are also a few mods where not everything works, like an led out etc, does not effect gameplay.

Thanks for looking and get in contact if your a genuine buyer, I’m negotiable on price to some extent as well. See less

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