FIRST GENERATION TOILET TRAINED CAVOODLES BY A DOG TRAINER/ANIMAL THERAPIST.Mum is a purebred pedigree papered cavalier king Charles and dad is a pure-bred pedigree toy poodle.We are all animal loving family registered breeders.All our pups comes veterinary checked ✔Vaccinated& wormed every 2 weeks.All pups go through intensive puppy training right up to pick-up or free delivery to Sydney is organised. Parents of these puppies are Therapy dogs that visit aged care facilities, hospitals & schools to give emotional support for patients & children with Autism & special needs, these puppies are extremely calm emotional support puppies that will grow and become Therapy dogs. When you meet these puppies you will see the calm difference that you wouldn’t get from a backyard breeder only in it for the money, as alot of work has been already done to these puppies so you won’t have sleepless nights. A phone call to us to see our difference is a Must.