1993 Williams Star Trek : The Next Generation – Pinball Machine

“SuperPin” (widebody), fully serviced and ground-up rebuilt with :-

Original artwork in excellent condition

Interior cabinet ‘nut and bolt’ restoration

Original airbrushed and clear coated playfield

Electro-plated chrome trim (rails, lockdown bar, legs and shooter gun handle)Full LED conversion and new rubbers

Very rare genuine (first run build) Shooter tower covers with 3D effect domes.

Tasteful playfield mods :-

Illuminated custom Romulan Warbird

Illuminated Enterprise model on playfield

Custom painted Borg Scout Ship

Borg Regeneration (lightning) LED Mod

Enterprise model topper

Upper playfield blue ‘backdrop’ LED downlighting (improved general illumination)

Mirror blades

Red DMD filter

Non-commercial Apron Cards

New Carbon Steel Chrome Balls

Original Manual

This machine is owned by a private and very fastidious collector/owner.

Star Trek (STTNG) is ranked number 2 on the IPDB (International Pinball Database) in terms of overall popularity, so an extremely popular title indeed and is considered by enthusiasts to have overall great game play and ruleset. This makes them consistently popular on the market.

I purchased this machine in late 2016 from Pinball Machines Australia/PSPA in Bayswater. I knew the owner of PSPA and had the choice of a number of machines. I bought this particular machine as I am a passionate fan of the particular theme and pinball machines generally. It had been an ambition of mine of many years to purchase a STTNG machine.

The machine was therefore not (and is not) by definition a ‘fully restored “nut and bolt” machine’, but was being rebuilt to a ‘set standard’ of very high quality.

At the time of purchase, I had the opportunity to inspect and consider the machine ‘as it presented’ in it’s original condition. This gave me great confidence as I had the opportunity to see precisely ‘what I was buying’ and I was extremely happy with the overall condition of the machine. I was invited by PSPA to follow the restoration of same, including having input in and following many of the aspects of the rebuild. As a result of that, I specified and paid for quite a range of parts and services so that the rebuild would meet my personal requirements and high standards.

Specifically, although it was in excellent condition, I had the playfield fully stripped down, air-brush detailed and clear coated with every component removed, cleaned and polished. This was a very expensive addition but I took this course as I wanted the machine to be as good as you will find and it is a valuable investment in preventing any future playfield wear. I opted for fully re-chromed trim, including side rails, internal ball ramps, lockdown bar, hinges and legs, for the same reasons.

I was very happy with the original screen printed ‘artwork’, with the cabinet and headbox in excellent original condition. There was one very small ‘scuff’ to the artwork on one side, however (with originality in mind) I engaged a restorationist to retouch this rather than strip the entire machine down and apply ‘reproduction’ decals as artwork.

During my ownership, many further aspects have been further addressed with the aim of elevating the standard – including full LED installation (playfield headbox and flashers) new rubbers, flipper kit, flipper bats, silicon rubbers, leg protectors, leg levellers, carbon steel balls, toughened playfield glass and new DMD display. Every circuit board and all wiring has been checked and are working perfectly. OEM plastics are faultless.

In addition to the above, I sourced the rare and sought after (first run) illuminated 3D shooter covers, together with some restrained but extremely tasteful Mods as listed. I have taken great care to maintain and present this machine as “it always should have been”, rather than customising it.


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