🐰 A $20 non refundable deposit will put a bunny on hold.

🐰🐰🐰Prices start at $140 🐰🐰

🐰My price reflect the time I put into my gorgeous bunnys, but just as importantly, they are not to be a $20 impulse buy that end up in shelters.They deserve better than that.


🐰Drop off can be arranged at Tea Tree Gully or One Tree Hill.

🐰Don’t buy a bunny that hides in the corner too scared to come out.

Buy a β€œBunny Ears” bunny, we have been handled since birth and have had lots of handling and social interaction, which makes us very tame and friendly.

🐰Join Bunny Ears to view beautiful bunnys on my Facebook Group

🐰Don’t buy a bunny and put it at the end of the garden, let it be part of your family.

🐰Hay feeders, Hay and Pellets available.🐰If you can have your bunny inside for a while it’s a great way to bond with them.🐰I Can organise a starter package at extra cost-Pet Carrier


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