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✨ Two sweet kittens ready to go NOW ✨

Microchip #’s:

Caper: 956000015853781 (Blue Point / Male) (Pictures 1-2)

Patricia: 956000015949180 (Seal Point / Female) (Pictures 3-4)

These lovely kittens are ready for their new family!

Caper is very soft, mellow, and calm. He loves to play as much as he loves to sleep, but most of all, he loves to eat and eat! He is and will continue to grow into a very big boy. Caper is definitely the more reserved and delicate kitten of the two, and would work best in quiet household or an existing single-pet household.

Patricia is very agile, mischievous, and bright. She has unlimited energy, and is always the first to come running when called or when hearing any sounds. She is eager and ready for affection and attention at all times! Patricia would work best in an active household, especially with kids and/or multiple other pets.

Mother is a seal point lynx, and father is a seal point. Both available to view!

💖 Our kittens are raised in a multi-cat household as a part of our family. They are extremely well socialised, constantly lovingly handled, and expectant of human kindness & affection. All kittens are familiar with common household sounds (vaccum, hairdryer, washing machine etc.) so they will transition to new homes with ease. They jump over & around us all day, and sleep squished & cuddled up to us in bed at night. They will make the best of pets to families who can maintain the same level of quality, care, and attention! 💖

Kittens come with:

🐈 Microchipped

🐾 1st & 2nd Vaccination

🐱 Entire

**🐈 Vet Health Check

🐾 Flea & Worm Treated/Free

🐱 Litter Trained

🐈 Kitty Goodie Bag (dry food/wet food/treats/toys)

🐾 Grooming (bathed/blow dried/nails clipped)

** It is not recommended to desex kittens at such a young age, and so these kittens will not be desexed by the time they come to your home. Please be advised that kittens MUST be desexed at the appropriate age (4 months for male/6 months for female). This is a condition of sale. Upon desexing later down the track, please contact me and we will provide $100 toward the cost. **

♥️ Price Negotiable ♥️ If purchasing two kittens together.

Pick-up from Reservoir VIC 3073, can arrange state/interstate delivery at an additional cost.

Please message here or text ******** 528 if you have any questions, want any additional pictures/videos, or to arrange for viewing/pickup.+ click to reveal

Breeder Source Number: MB156050NCPI Registered Breeder: ****3933+ click to reveal

  • Date Listed: Yesterday
  • Last Edited: Yesterday
  • Breeder Licence no. (Req’d for ACT Breeders) :90033933
  • The state where this ad will be found: VIC
  • Exchange Source no. (Req’d for VIC): MB156050
  • Pet’s Date of Birth: 21/11/2022
  • Pet Offered By: Breeder
  • Microchip no. (Req’d NSW, QLD, SA, ACT, VIC): 956000015853781
  • Pet Age: Younger Than Six Months
  • Rehome From: 16/01/2023