Hire rate starts from $110.00 per week.

The Dingli OPT Order Picker Lift significantly increases productivity and safety when compared to traditional ladder systems for product put away or retrieval.

The units AC drive motor allowing operators to easily navigate and maneuver the order picker around warehouses to their next pick location, whilst also offering precision control to position the picker in the best position to be able to safely retrieve or put away products.

The units compact nil turning radius allows it to easily navigate through narrow aisles and doorways.A wide platform provides a comfortable standing positon for the operator, with a non-slip floor mat fitted to reduce the risk of slipping.

The sturdy steel picking tray allows for quick and easy storage goods.

The non-intrusive dead man switch built-in to the floor mat increases safety in the event of a threat or accident the operator can easily stop the picker immediately.

The unit is simple to charge requiring only a standard extension cord to charge.


• AC drive and lift motors

• Increased productivity versus traditional ladder system (increase staff time/labour costs)

• Compact with nil turning radius. Easy to manage through warehouse and doorways.

• Sealed deep cell batteries

• Mechanical lift function therefore no risk of hydraulic leaks or hydraulic pipes bursting

• Durable being fully constructed out of steel

• Sturdy steel picking tray

• Wide platform for comfortable standing position

• Non-intrusive dead man switch built into the soft ride floor mat which provides more comfort and reduces trip hazards

• Easily removed from tray for ease of servicing

• Normal, extension required for charging so you are not restricted by the nominal length of a computer type lead