NEW PHOTOS Lassie pups, Purebred, 2 females, Reg Breeder, 2 Colours

WERE $2,500, NOW FEMALES 2,000 & MALES 1500


I have a stunning litter (8) of Sable (Golden)& Tri Colour (Black) Rough Collie Puppies available to loving families. asking for expressions of interest.

All the puppies will be raised on our horse property enjoying the best of both worlds: Farm Life & Inside in luxury! They join us for trail rides with our horses, swim in our dams, lounge with us on the veranda and are always right by our side.

This breed is a wonderful breed for families. Very loyal and love people. They adore their families and will protect them. They are gentle and affectionate, very smart and absolutely stunning. They do not require as much exercise as Border Collies but do enjoy a good run and play outdoors.

DOB: 23/9/23Registered Breeder

BIN NO. 0012136251196

Puppies will be ready to leave us mid November.

They will leave me vet checked with 1x C3 vaccination, microchipped, flea and wormed every 2 weeks since birth and very well socialised amongst our children and other farm animals.

Home visits are most welcome and encouraged, transport is available Australia Wide.If you feel like your family would like to welcome a beautiful lassie puppy,

Please contact me for photos, and more details in about a week’s time and email OR text as my service is terrible and I need to be out in the paddock to make and receive calls.

1st Photo of a pup I bred photo taken at 10 mths of

age4th Photo of mum Pumpkin and pups at 2 weeks of age

Last photo of Pumpkin and her sister Schooner 3 mths of age


1 Sable Male, 2 full front white legs, big full collar, face white & snip

2 Sable Male, 2 full front white legs, big collar, no white on face

3 Sable Female, 1 1/2 front legs, extra huge collar, face star (HOMED)

4 Tri Colour Feale, 1 full leg, 1 sock, big collar, face snip

5 Tri Colour Female, 2 full front legs, extra full collar, face nose

6 Sable Female, 2 full front legs, extra big collar, face snip (HOMED)

7 Sable Male, 2 front full legs, large collar, face snip and muzzle

8 Sable Female, 2 full front legs, extra large full collar, face snip and muzzle