These beautiful ragdoll kittens are the most affectionate little fur all you’ll ever meet all they ever want is love and affection and they’ll shower you with love and affection as well they are so cute.

Grey ragdolls are quite uncommon and distinctive; you won’t find many.Ragdolls are renowned for their love and affection. They are incredibly friendly with everyone, including young children, and would never put you or your children in any danger.

They are the most gorgeous, loving kittens I’ve ever had, and if truly I had the space, I would definitely keep them.

if you don’t believe how affectionate these bundle of joys are you can come over and see for yourself how affectionate they are.

All they require right now is a warm, devoted home that will take good care of them, appreciate them, and shower them

with so much love and affection.

If you’re willing to give my baby, a loving home please give me a text or a call

My baby will come with

Vaccinated ✅

Microchip ready to transfer to the new owner ✅

Health certificate ✅

Flea treatment ✅

Little trained ✅




  • Date Listed:15 minutes ago
  • Last Edited:15 minutes ago
  • Breeder Licence no. (Req’d for ACT Breeders):9003845
  • The state where this ad will be found:VIC
  • Exchange Source no. (Req’d for VIC):EE192909
  • Pet’s Date of Birth:08/02/2023
  • Pet Offered By:Breeder
  • Microchip no. (Req’d NSW, QLD, SA, ACT, VIC):956000015888493
  • Pet Age:Younger Than Six Months
  • Rehome From:05/04/2023