Schnoodle puppies will be availible on 3/12/2021. Miniature Schnauzer cross Toy Poodle puppies.

These puppies are 100% none shedding breed, look like little teddy bears and are similar to Cavoodles.

They are very good and loyal with children of all ages.

They are also good companion dogs for the elderly as well as lonely people.

They are easy to train as they are a fast learning breed.

This breed can be perfect for people with allergies.

Mother – Miniature Schnauzer (Salt and Pepper), purebreed wieght five and half kg., with none shedding coat.

Father – Toy Poodle (Apricot color), purebreed weieght two and half kg., with none shedding coat.

Adults size approximatly for male – 4 kg, for female – 3,5 kg.

Black – girl

Red – boy

Brown – boy