Treatments available in Dandenong and Fitzroy.

Much pain and stress in the body is built up over time rather than from a single occurrence. Often we blame a single incident though because that incident is what broke the proverbial back of the camel.

If you release that build up of tension though beforehand then you can stop those potential injuries in their tracks before they manifest.

Thai acupressure, a therapy from old Siam, is an is excellent method in treating the entire body. Because the entire body is much like a ‘onesy’ suit. If one part is tight or ‘twisted’ it affects the whole.Through pressure applied via the thumb, palm or elbow. I work through the pathways of your limbs. separating the muscles from the bone and fascia that can sometimes adhere to each other. This promotes blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

The mind is also then relieved of tension that the body has been carrying. You will feel light, loose and relieved of a great weight.

Treatment is applied over clothes.$90 for 60 minutes ( $10 at Fitzroy clinic)$130 for 90 minutes ( $10 at Fitzroy clinic)