Selling our amazing Kanga DT835. We have used the kanga for landscaping projects over the last few years, due to a change in our business direction we no longer require the Kanga.

We have used the Kanga for every possible job onsite, from moving large values of cement bags from vehicles to work area, to drilling post holes, site cleans, carrying premixed concrete from the truck to the pour location, carrying concrete sleepers, moved 2m3 of soil extremely quickly and moved mountains of products from soil, mulch, crushed rock and sand. We haven’t found a job the Kanga can’t do, quicker, easier, safer and cheaper than what employees can.

The Kanga doesn’t stop we have driven it through mud and dry sandy conditions, its powerful and nimble.

Still runs like new, only 977hrs and serviced regularly at Kanga.

Comes with:

Series 8 DT835 Diesel Tracked Kanga

Kanga trailer

Tracks (recently replaced)

4in1 bucket

450mm Auger

350mm Aguer

1m Auger extension


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