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At present, when agricultural machinery and construction machinery vehicles (Rubber track machines and wheeled machines)get on or off or transfer from trucks or trailers, iron ramps or trailers are generally used. The iron ramps are heavy and unsafe, and the trailer costs are too high. Therefore, Adapted to the needs of the market, the aluminum alloy ramp has good safety performance: light weight, long-lasting durability, good corrosion resistance, high safety factor, greatly reducing labor intensity. Widely used in wheeled machinery and crawler-type machinery, such as excavators, forklifts, automobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, etc

Jetland 2.5m loading aluminium ATV ramps made from super strong aluminium construction which is light-weight and portable to use. This ramps have a non-skid surface for added safety. With a maximum load capacity of 3000kg for one pair. The specific weight in kind shall prevail.

We also have other loads, such as 3T, 4T, 5T. And other different length.


Non-slip beam design-Oblique beam

Suitable for crawler-type machinery goes up and down the truck, such as excavators, drilling machines and other construction machinery

Never overload ramps. Maximum capacity of each ramp is 1500kg/pc


Item No: JET-A303125

Material: Aluminium

Weight Capacity:3000kg/pair

Ramp Length: 2.5cmRamp Inner Width:31cmRamp Outside Width: 40cm

Product Weight (kg) for a pair: NW/GW 41.2/41.7

Packing Size(cm):252 x 41 x 11.5

Package Includes:

2 x ramps

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