Selling a few more guitar pedals from the collection:

Boss GE-7 – $110. Industry standard EQ. Extremely versatile pedal, useful for anything from tone shaping to clean boosts. Black label MiT

Boss DS-1 – $100. Condition a little rough but working normally. Such a huge sound and a good variety of tones from light crunch to full blown distortion. This model was MiT, 1989 according to the serial.

Digitech DF-7 distortion factory – $200. 7 popular stomp boxes – TS9, EHX big muff, Proco Rat, DS-1, MT-2, Metal master and DOD250 that are all extremely usable and sound great. Versatile EQ to help dial in tones. Carbon fibre chassis so it’s super durable as well. This one is in excellent condition, working normally.

Items are located in QLD but happy to express post Australia wide for $15. Paypal is cool too I’m happy to pay the fees. Cheers!