Looking for a solution to keep your plants healthy in any season? Look no further than our Green Fingers LED Grow Light. The light stimulates plant growth by emitting the appropriate light for photosynthesis, working in areas without natural light, or supplementing natural light. Mimicking the sun’s spectrum, varying colors, temperatures, and spectral outputs ensure the proper growth environment. The lamps also offer varying lumen output, saving up to 70% of costs with the most efficient produce per watt. Smart ballast and reflector models make for a low-heat task with long-lasting functionality. And the LED grow light provides full-spectrum control to give your plants everything they desire from natural sunlight.

With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, our LED grow light will guarantee higher yields and better harvests season after season. It’s not just the light; the accompanying Grow Tent maximizes yields by optimizing usage of the grow light. Constructed of highly durable materials like powder-coated steel frames, 600D oxford cloth exterior, and aluminum foil inner lining, the grow tent will last for years to come. Other add-ons include a powerful ventilation fan, an active carbon filter, and 5m ducting to ensure easy installation with a long-lasting and functional structure.

Note that LED lights are extremely bright and should be handled with care. Do not look directly into the light.

Don’t miss out on our amazing features. The LED grow light features 1000W high PAR value for all your plant growth stages with intelligent Epistar LED chips. Save up to 70% in cost with advanced thermal management systems and a life expectancy of 50,000-100,000 hours. The grow light is intended for indoor use, includes standard Australian plug, and is RCM, SAA, CE, and RoHS certified.

The Grow Tent features a sturdy steel interior with heavy-duty corner connectors and no tools needed for installation, with an interior that has spacious 600D oxford cloth and aluminum foil liner. The removable waterproof floor tray adds to the unit’s functionality. The tent is designed to facilitate airflow with zippered doors, windows, ventilation, and cooling air tubes.

The Ventilation Fan is designed for practicality, power-saving, and lightweight, with a high impact polycarbonate blade, and a powerful efficiency at 2500rpm, and air extraction openings ensuring noiselessness.

Our Active Carbon Filter is recommended for filter flow rates between 290-500m3/h and boasts a customized open-air stainless steel mesh with anti-air-bypass technology ensuring clean filtered air. It comes with an Australian virgin carbon bed that is vibra-machine packed carbon.

Our 5m Aluminium Ducting is the perfect accessory and is both easy to connect and fire-resistant, made of heavy-duty and flexible dual-layered Aluminum foil.

Our product package includes one Greenfingers LED Grow Light, one Greenfingers Grow Tent, one Ventilation Kit, and assembly instructions.

Do not waste time experimenting with your plants’ health when you can guarantee growth and harvest outcomes with our Green Fingers LED Grow Light and Grow Tent. You won’t be disappointed with the results!