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3 models available to freight –

Aventa PURE – 36v 7.8Ah 281Wh $1899

Aventa – 36v 10.4Ah 375Wh $2099

Aventa MAX – 36v 14Ah 504Wh $2239

MODEL Aventa PURE Aventa Aventa MAX

Motor BAFANG Rear Hub Motor BAFANG Rear Hub Motor BAFANG Rear Hub Motor

Nominal/Boost Power 250W/500W 250W/500W 250W/500W

Pedal Assist Top Speed 25km/h (can be modified via computer to comply with local regulations) 25km/h (can be modified via computer to comply with local regulations) 25km/h (can be modified via computer to comply with local regulations)

Battery Type Lithium-Ion Samsung Lithium-Ion Samsung

Battery Specs 36v 7.8Ah 281Wh 36v 10.4Ah 375Wh 36v 14Ah 504Wh

Ultimate Electric Bike – FuroSystemshttps://youtu.be/cJ_gO4l6Avs

Fully Integrated and Ultra-light

The Aventa’s 6061 aerospace alloy frame integrates its lighting system, high performance control electronics and removable battery while remaining below 17kg. We made your ride elegant, fun and safe, day and night, with incredible, yet smooth, power no street will ever beat.

Turn off the Aventa’s light

Switch to day

Impressive Range & Portable

We use state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology to assemble easily removable batteries with the highest energy density currently achievable. This means a 2.5kg removable battery that you can rely on for over 110km and which fits seamlessly in the Aventa’s frame. Take your battery inside (or not) and charge it on the go whenever you need.

High Power Motor

The completely silent Aventa’s Bafang rear hub motor is equipped with our boost technology. It provides up to 500W of peak power during acceleration and hill climbs. This means surprising power that takes you up to speed and across any hill in total comfort and faster than you expect. With its very few moving parts and brushless system, it is low maintenance and ultra reliable.

Full Control

High end Tektro hydraulic disk brakes provide unequalled stopping power, in any conditions. They are extremely responsive, reliable, low maintenance and a perfect match for the high power motor of the Aventa. They give you full control and make you safer. The Aventa Pure is equipped with Tektro mechanical disk brakes with similar performance.

A Great eBike and a Great Bike

The Aventa’s powertrain high performance clutch allows frictionless free-wheeling by mechanically disengaging the motor when power is deactivated. Coupled to its 9 Shimano gears, it offers an extremely easy ride both when power is on or off. Unlike most ebikes, the Aventa is also a great bike. Its gears and low friction motor give you the comfort and freedom you need to enjoy a healthy ride anywhere, anytime.

Your Onboard Computer

Track your speed, distance travelled, journey time, live battery capacity and more. Select between 6 power modes, from a normal bike to a full power ebike. Control your lighting and activate walk assist to get a 6km/h (3mph) initial boost and help you start from the steepest inclines and the highest gears.

*Aventa Pure is equipped with a smaller handlebar LCD dashboard with the same data and functionality

Absolute Comfort

The Aventa’s dimensions are optimised for human biomechanics. Its seating position is comfortable and leads to a low center of gravity for balance and manoeuvrability.

FuroSystems Aventa’s Dimensions


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