I purchased this Polyphonic Octave Generator pedal in LA. It was used in recording sessions in LA and London at studios Westlake, British Grove, Metropolis, and Olympic (including Spike Stent’s room). It was a favourite pedal whilst recording with engineer Chris Kimsey (producer/engineer for The Rolling Stones, INXS) and engineer Richard Rainey (engineer for U2, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois).

My guitar tech is renowned for being very particular about sound. Based on his extensive experience, he believes that pedals vary significantly within the same model. This pedal was hand selected by one of the best guitar techs in the USA! I was lucky enough that my tech secured one of the best of the original POG designed batches.

This legendary and classic Electro-harmonix Micro Pog Polyphonic Octave Generator guitar pedal is based on the original POG, which many leading guitarists believe to be far superior sounding to the later released Nano Pog (due its original circuitry design). This inspirational, classic pedal is featured on many legendary classic albums (e.g. Radiohead, White Stripes, John Mayer, Coldplay, BonJovi /John Shanks). A great Micro Pog pedal enhances warm, creamy, vintage tones, and these pedals are widely considered to perform superbly with high gain pedals such as overdrives and fuzz. Having this pedal in your signal path instantly provides creative worlds and soundscapes, you can honestly find yourself being transported to new levels of production and songwriting with the guitar sounds coming through with stupendous psychedelic, harmonic and vintage tones!

Perfect working order, MINT condition. Never live gigged. It has traveled for some studio recordings as mentioned, but only handled in transit by Rock-it Cargo. This pedal has always been used or stored in a smoke free / pet free environment. Comes with the original box and paperwork. If you’re looking for a premium, authentically inspirational sounding Polyphonic Octave Generator Pedal in brilliant working condition and that comes with some good vibes of being on some great records/around some legendary music makers, this pedal would be for you!

Collection is available in Willoughby (near Chatswood) OR South Coogee.

I’m all stocked up for guitar gear at the moment, so not interested in trades/swaps. Please reach out if you have any further questions.MANUFACTURER OVERVIEW AND SPECIFICATIONS:The Legenday and Classic original POG won top awards from every major magazine on every continent for its flawless polyphonic tracking and musical flexibility. The EHX Micro POG delivers the same perfect tracking and smooth polyphony in a simplified design. Now in a small pedalboard-friendly diecast chassis, the Micro POG delivers and will blow you away the first time you use it.

first time you use it.

With the MICRO POG, you can mix together your original “dry signal” with two different octaves (one above and one below your original note) to create totally new inspiring tones.

Polyphonic super fast tracking: play chords, arpeggios or single notes with no glitches

Adjustable original pitch volume

Adjustable one octave up volume

Adjustable one octave down volume

Amazing 12 string guitar

Easily turns your guitar into a bass

Church organ to Hammond like organ sounds

Dry output jack in addition to the effect output jack

Tough and compact die-cast chassis