Burford and South Coast blanks, Shapers resin and glass etc made by some of the best guys in surfboard making that do 3 of Australia’s top surfboard brand’s boards using the same materials, shaping, glassing etc.

Shortys/Twins starting at 599, mids 699, longs 899.

Literally the same boards that you’re paying $850 for in stores.

More info online at metsstudio and Instagram @mets.studio

Choose glassing thickness, your own dimensions, fin set ups, sprays and tints or epoxy for $140 more.

We can do any shape so whether you’re after a DHD Mini Twin, 3DX, DX1, XRS, MF Ducks Nuts, Lost Mayhem Round Nose Fish, Puddle Jumper, Quiver Killer, Short Round, Al Merrick Fever, JS Monsta, Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto, Chilli Pretty Sweet, Channel Islands Mini, Black and White, Sampler, McTavish Evo, Channel Islands Pod Mod, Black and White, Firewire Slater Sci Fi, Omni, Go Fish, Lost Psycho Nitro, Puddle Jumper HP, Fire Slater Cymatic, Omni, Go Fish, Hydronaut or whatever

we can get it made up for you using the highest quality materials available in Oz’ by one the best shaper’s in Oz’.

Get in touch and we’ll get the team of experienced craftsmen working to make your perfect surfboard