Music Park has been a popular supplier for many Perth musicians for a long time. After 2 years of struggling to get stock, especially of Pianos and Digital Pianos and with advice that it will be 2 more years of the same, and at the end of a 5 Year Lease, we have decided we cannot commit to another 5 Years.We have been trying to negotiate a 6 or 12 month extension without success, so it’s time to CLOSE DOWN.That is not something we had been intending to do. We had been planning another 5 years!That means that EVERYTHING MUST GO!!

Our prices are already good, and we have not yet changed all our prices, but we are going to be open to negotiation to help us clear everything as quickly as we can.Come in and see us and GRAB A BARGAIN!We are happy to talk to you on prices so it’s a great time to grab a new guitar or amp or drum kit or piano or whatever you need to make music.

We have a crazy deal on a Cort GB74 Lake Placid Blue, reduced from the retail of $1,299 to only $699.

Swamp Ash Body, Canadian Hard Maple Neck, Maple Fingerboard, Hipshot tuners, Quality throughout.A great bass at this price

We are doing great deals on everything in store so whatever you are after it’s worth a look!

We are at 101 Albany Highway Victoria Park, right down near the Causeway and the Motor Bike Shops