So begins the first totally divergent spinoff from the work I have successfully shown and sold in Melbourne and London. Rather than people, there are bunnies!

But my favoured themes remain: separation/individuation. How to reconcile closeness and distance between self and other.

As usual, mostly fingerpainted using base layers of house paint with top-grade artist’s acrylic on top. As usual, enacting a dance between creation by building up positive space and removing to reveal via negative space.

This is on thick-edged canvas with countless layers of built-up paint beneath to create texture and the lifelike feel that defines original paintings as opposed to mass-produced prints.

As this is a practice piece – more practice pieces to come – I have priced it at a token level just to cover paint, canvas and a bit of my time. It is on thick-edged high-quality cotton canvas and does not need framing. I will paint the edges black before sending or collection.

If you don’t know my work, I have had exhibitions here and in London and sell privately, averaging $490 for an A4 paper work and $700 for a 30cm canvas. This is an experiment selling without gallery markups during lockdowns…and it’s been such fun, I’ve kept it going. Take advantage!

Feel free to pop by and browse Yallambie, near Rosanna. Or postage Aus wide. Thank you for looking!


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