Commercial Grade Andy 600 Pool Table Tablecloths

All Sizes – Durable – Worsted Cloth – Customise – 4 Colours

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In order to control the stability and high-quality Cloths, we constantly are updating new advanced production machinery in the manufacturing process. From the purchasing of Australia’s Merino Wool to the use of advanced European spinning, weaving and finishing machinery, we ensure consistent quality and excellent playing characteristics whilst finding ways to improve the already famous ANDY cloth brand.

Worsted Cloths are Lightweight, smoother and have a better stitch definition. They are also stronger, more durable, and less prone to pilling.

Andy Cloth 600 – Fewest Ball Burn Spots.

Best choice for commercial club usage.

Composition: 60% Wool, 14% Nylon, 26% Acrylonitrile

Weight: 660g/m

Speed: FastBall Burn Spot: Best

6 x Colours: Green, Electric Blue, Powder Blue, Burgundy, Camel, Black

Andy 600 is a worsted cloth combed with Australian wool is designed for personal & commercial tables. The weave design enables it to be quick with strong durability and produces very few ball burn spots.

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Prices Shown Are to Door Australia Wide.

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