“Cinnamon Pick” is a Toothpick made of “TRUE CINNAMON” wood & oil and has a Cinnamon Fragrance and Taste.

The re-usable toothpick holder is handcrafted from “Mahogany Wood” and contains 100 toothpicks. The wooden container comes hygienically packed in shrink-wrap.

Various Studies have found Cinnamon & Cinnamon Oil to have various health benefits because of its antimicrobial, antibiotic, anti fungal and antiviral properties along with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic compounds.

Chew or just place between your teeth and twirl the tip of a Cinnamon Pick from side to side with your tongue and enjoy the flavour, taste and benefits!

Help with healthy gums, fight tooth decay, enjoy fresh breath, or simply chew on a Cinnamon Pick to help break the habit of smoking as used by Europeans!….

Or simply be envy of your Guests and marvel them at a party or when entertaining…. use Cinnamon Pick for your guests to pick canapes or finger food instead of a regular toothpick or a fork…. trust me it works!… and I am certain you will be asked where you got it from…. at which point don’t forget us… Cinnamon Pick 😊 adding a tinge of Cinnamon flavour to your creation making you “The Star” !

You can chew on a Cinnamon pick and the more you chew, the more you feel the Cinnamon hotness. (Do not swallow).

$7.50 per unit of 100 Cinnamon Toothpicks with Reusable Decorative Holder

Available for Bulk orders of 20 or multiple of 20 units for wholesale a very special and low rate.