Dad (Tea of Chateau Bel Rukenn) is a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a hauntingly beautiful, rare and valuable trait of one blue and one brown eye (with perfect vision). Mom (Sugar of Transylvania) is 75% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and 25% poodle. They are highly intelligent, playful, social, affectionate and easily trainable dogs. We are small, home-based family breeders in beautiful Upper Brookfield in Brisbane. Both mom and dad are our cherished family pets. The breeder has a European veterinary degree and a PhD in veterinary molecular pathology and breeding for excellent health and personality traits, not for pedigree. Parents are DNA-tested and cleared with Orivet’s Full Breed Profile test. PUPPIES WILL NOT HAVE ANY TESTABLE HEREDITARY CONDITIONS. They will come with a Microchip, up-to-date vaccination status, dewormed and vet-checked. They will have a puppy pack that includes puppy food, a collar, a birth certificate and a blanket with their mom’ and siblings’ scent.The new owner will receive a completed and signed change of ownership notice. We offer rehoming to the breeder if your situation changes and you can no longer care for them.Puppies are given professional care, high-quality nutrition, regular deworming, handling and socialisation, including with our children. They will be well-adjusted to everyday household noises and routines, and we begin the potty training at three weeks of age.