SKU: 21581Introducing the BOSS V-Wah, a groundbreaking wah pedal that combines the world’s first COSM modeling technology with innovative features to deliver an unmatched range of wah sounds and beyond. With its advanced capabilities and versatile effects, the V-Wah opens up a world of sonic possibilities for guitarists.

The V-Wah features six classic and modern wah pedal models meticulously crafted using BOSS’s COSM modeling. From the timeless “CBY-Wah” to the iconic “VO-Wah” and cutting-edge “MO-Wah,” each model faithfully reproduces the distinct characteristics of legendary wah tones. With a simple twist of a knob, you can instantly access these sought-after sounds.

Setting new standards in performance, the V-Wah incorporates infrared sensors for smooth and noise-free operation. Gone are the clicks and maintenance issues associated with traditional wah pedals. Additionally, the pedal’s digital memories allow you to save and recall up to three customized wah settings instantly using the heel pedal switch.

Enhancing the versatility further, the V-Wah includes eight onboard overdrive/distortion effects that perfectly complement the wah sounds. From classic BOSS overdrives like OD-1 and DS-1 to specialized modes like “Muff Fuzz” and “Booster,” you have a comprehensive range of drive options to shape your tone.

Unleash expressive possibilities with the V-Wah’s “Voice” mode, which generates an array of “talking” vowel sounds. Sweep through different vowel positions using the pedal for dynamic and engaging wah effects. The pedal also offers an “Advanced” mode with an extensive filter range and a dedicated “Bass” mode tailored for bass guitar frequencies.

Pushing the boundaries further, the V-Wah introduces the innovative “Double Resonance” mode, allowing you to create analog synth-like sounds. By sweeping the filter and applying onboard distortion or fuzz, you can achieve fat synth tones. Add modulation effects such as delay, chorus, and reverb to unlock even more diverse sonic textures.

With its durable construction and intuitive controls, the V-Wah is built to withstand the demands of live performances and studio sessions. Its compact design ensures easy integration into any pedalboard setup.

Experience the revolutionary BOSS V-Wah and embark on a sonic journey that goes beyond traditional wah pedals. Discover an unmatched selection of wah tones, unleash expressive “talking” sounds, and delve into the realm of synth-like textures. The V-Wah is the ultimate tool for guitarists seeking limitless creativity and extraordinary tone-shaping possibilities.

This pedal has been tested and functions as it should. Their is some scratching on the enclosure however this will not be a concern due to the rugged metal casing.This pedal has its original box but does not come with any accessories or a power supply.


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