Black Separe Indoor Bike Rack RRP $230

Designed and manufactured in Czech Republic by

The two-part bike rack, Separe in black, can handle any type of bicycle. Whether you own men’s, women’s, urban or mountain bike, variable wall-mounting will never disappoint you. You can hang your two-wheeler on the frame, or by the saddle or handlebars. The timeless Czech design is a great addition to any interior.

The purely geometric construction has a surprising load capacity of up to 25 kg (55 lbs). The touch parts are made from a combination of thinned steel and covered in a nearly invisible layer of plastic which protects the bike’s paint from scratches. The tilts of the Separe’s top parts guarantee the exact positioning of a bike on the rack and a reasonable distance from the wall. Installing all parts supplied in the set are easier than putting together Swedish furniture, it only takes a few minutes.

A hook and a strap, accessories of the same color and design, which save even more space in the apartment are used for sloping the front wheel to the wall or hanging up a helmet stylishly.


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