Item specifics:

Brand: Baixue VCM 4

Capacity: up to 234 items (126 snacks/108 drinks)

Dimension: 1830 H x 830 W x 801 D mm

Weight: 300 KG

Power: 220 V

Payment method: all industry standard MDB compatible devices

Baixue Drink & Snack Vending Machine 10 Cross Black/White Brand-New with 2-year warranty for all parts of machine.


LED light to enhance product presentation & reduce energy cost

Adjustable sheves height every 15mm

Snack shelves tilt down 25° for easy loading

Single or dural spirals for different sized products360° helix adjustability in 20° increments provides flexibility to vend virtually anything

Provide following options:

Glass heater

Back lighted metal keypad10 LCD screen

Interior storage drawers

High capacity can try

Delivery can be arranged to any part of Australia. For instate shipping, we cover up to $150 shipping cost, customers need only pay the difference based on the shipping quotation.Price is GST exclusive. Price does not include payment system. The price does not include freight cost.

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