FREE RABBIT – CHEAP RABBIT ( PROPERLY BRED RABBIT BY AN EXPERIENCED AND CREDIBLE BREEDER ) WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES? *MOST PET RABBITS ARE BRED BY AMATEURS. Common poor rabbit breeding practices are INBRED: Brother to Sister, Accidental Litters, Or Free Range Breeding, which is a group of related rabbits breeding freely. = Two copies of harmful recessive genes, Hereditary abnormalities = heartache and substantial vet bills.

CROSSBRED: Two different breeds of Rabbit with different skeletal structures = A misaligned jaw and teeth, A rabbit can not eat properly.

FACTORY FARMED: Back-to-back pregnancies with no break for Mother Rabbit to rebuild health. = A weak immune and nervous system, multiple health issues.

DIRTY AND SMALL HOUSING: = Depression, Diseases, Parasites, STDs, and Respiratory Disorders are rampant in poorly maintained rabbitries.

A POOR DIET = Feeding inappropriate commercial food or scraps = nutritional deficiencies.

LACK OF VET CARE = A healthy rabbitry is only possible with health checks, effective preventives and vaccinations.

The harmful effects of incorrect breeding practices may only be visible in the offspring of baby rabbits once they mature.

THE RESULT OF THESE COMMON POOR BREEDING PRACTICES: It is a short lifespan for the breeding rabbits and the offspring, creating heartache and or hefty vet bills for the purchaser of the offspring.


1. Genetically Compatible Parents

2. Starting Life In A “Clean” Temperature Controlled Living Environment; Safe Indoor Housing With Room To Move.

3. A High-Quality Rabbit Suitable Diet.

4. Health Checks, Vaccinations And Effective Proactive Preventive Treatments.

5. Respectful, Kind And Considerate Care, Humane And Responsible Practices.

= Healthy, Happy, Clean, Intelligent, Playful, Socialised And Affectionate Baby Bunnies.

It takes at least ten years to reach rabbit breeding proficiency; few breeders last that long due to the commitment, complexities, time and education required, And the financial costs of breeding properly.

There are few guarantees in life; starting with a well-bred rabbit from an experienced and credible breeder puts the odds of a successful outcome POWERFULLY in your favour.

*Pictured Blue Fawn Baby Bunny. Two are available now at eight weeks old.The adoption fee is $360 per baby bunny; other beautiful colours are available now, too.

With twenty years of experience, We Create Beautiful Indoor – House -Apartment companion pet Rabbits Inside Our Family Home.

Genuine Purebred Baby Miniature Lop Rabbits.

The small adult weight will be 1.4 to 2 kilograms.

Our Baby Bunnies Come With The essential initial vet work done: a Health Check, Vaccinated And Proactive Preventives.

Our Baby Bunnies are calm, affectionate, playful, Intelligent, Clean And Toilet Trained.

We provide you with a fun and educational adoption experience: Care, handling and holding lessons, A care guidebook, birth certificate, And aftercare support.

Indoor housing, food and accessories are available to purchase from us.

Please Email Us Directly To ask questions or for an appointment to meet our babies.

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