We are a small, family-run cleaning company.

Responsible for the cleaning we have been given.

We feel happy when our customers are satisfied.200% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

✨ Bond Cleaning

✨ House Cleaning

✨ Office Cleaning

✨ Commercial Store Cleaning

All House Area vacuuming & Mopping

Bathroom Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning Oven Cleaning

Cleaning Walls

Window Cleaning Window Frame

Skirting Board and top of all cupboards wipe

Include Bond Cleaning

1. Carpet Cleaning

2. Vacuuming & Mopping

3. Bathroom cleaning

4. The inside and top of all cupboards are wiped down

5. Cleaning the walls

6. All windows inside frame

7. A thorough oven clean

8. Making sure the skirting boards are free of marks and dust

9. Shower booth & Bath cleaning

10. All kitchen Clean

✨ Price

Bond Cleaning 3 bad 1bath $350

Office Cleaning 1hr $40

General House Cleaning 1hr $40

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