8200 8D Shiatsu Super Long S-L Track iHealth Luxurious Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair on the market

The key points to select a good massage chair;

1. Check whether the massage apparatus runs on double slide track. They can goes up and down? Move left & right?

If not, that means the massage rollers only can spin in a fixed point. It can not reach all the backing area, cause the spin roller only covers 50% of your back. The massage can not works on the other 50% area where you want. This massage chair is similar to a massage pat which was put on a chair frame.

2. Check the massage apparatus are running on S slide track or S-L slide track.

S slide track can get your shoulder and full backing area with massage. S-L slide track can get massage not only on your shoulder and full backing area, but also have massage to your thigh & hips area.


•Pain Relief

•Relaxation & stress relief

•Decreased tension

•Increased endorphin levels

•Improved blood circulation

•Reduced anxiety

•Boost in health and well-being

•Improved sleep

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